LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI : Warlord First Women in the world from Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam

History shows that in the west end of the island archipelago is a kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, noted as one of the five largest Islamic kingdom in time. As a kingdom located on the tip of the west, the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam into the gate in the Malacca shipping. Therefore not surprising that the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam Sea Fleet has the extraordinary strength. In the history of travel, during the misrule of Sultan Alaiddin Riayat Syah Al Mukammil in the century to 16 - exactly 17 years in 1589 to 1604, history records the name of a female hero that LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI. He was a warlord who led the war of women more or less 1000 people Inong Balee troops (the only army that consisted of women) with a brave.

Become interesting, because not only LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI warlord only the first in Indonesia, but he was a warlord's first woman in the world. In the history of travel to its dedication to the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam has also proved he is the courage to kill Cornelis De Houtman, a Dutch first set foot on earth archipelago. Not when one LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI has also set as one of the women in Indonesia as a hero defending the land of water services.

Kick lunge from its dedication in the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI clearly have great contribution in maintaining the mother blood. Besides LAKSAMANA MALAHAYATI , has been well known female warrior-hero of the land of the famous rencong his courage, such as rear admiral Tjut Meurah Inseuen, warlord Leurah Ganti, Cut Meutia, and a female warrior who is already known, namely Cut Nyak Dien. In addition, also in the 17th century kingdom of Aceh Darussalam has also be governed by the queen-the queen of women who are very influential, namely; Queen Tajul Ratu Alam Syah Safiatuddin, Queen Sri Ratu Nur Alam Syah Nakiatuddin, Sri Ratu Inayat Syah Zakiatuddin Syah and Queen Kumala Syah.

Departure from the struggle that has been done by women in the past, then it can be said that women in Aceh who had the courage high. They proved that women are not being weak in maintaining the ideals, religion and human rights is, though not forget the main task of their nature as the mother who bears the children of the land struggle. This is important for socialized to women at this time, especially for women in Aceh and for the women across the country in general. Thus clear that the struggle of women has been performed since the time of yore. This is evidenced from the fact that history is not just for the recollected, but can be used to build a spirit of soul and a strong female character who has a great.

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